Individual Assignment – Self Reflection


  • What results did you expect to see?

I got a score of nearly 2 in Material Growth which I actually expected it to be even more! I know I tend to have a certain system that I like to follow step by step. I also got a result of nearly 3 in being Directive which I think is true. I have control on my destiny and I know what I want to do in this life and I kind of knew how it will end up. Moreover, I liked having a result of nearly 3 in direct communication, in fact, I am too direct and I would rather deal with people who are the same and gives you the information straight forward.

  • Which dimension would you wish to change?

I would want to change being Exclusive oriented. I am known to have limited connections with others. I would be uncomfortable if a friend of a friend of mine sat with us, I can get along with the situation, but I will rather get to know that person better to have him/her set with me! This is a problem since I am in a college environment where everyone is sharing everything together. So, I might be that mean girl who does not interact with people she does not know!

  • What can do to improve your cultural awareness?

I think I have to work on myself to be neutral in most of the dimensions. For example, I have to work on my outlooks to be in the middle between tradition and innovation. To not only look to the past achievements, but also look at the presence and seek to achieve more in the future.

  • Choose one dimension in which the results were a surprise?

The context of being formal and informal, I was not actually expecting to have such high score in it! I do not mind knowing people who are extremely open and informal, and I do not mind any kind of approaching towards me. However, that does not mean that I am informal. I think I should get a score of at least 2 since I come from a culture of Shame-Honor.


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