Cultural Misunderstanding

Dialogue – Expression

Jasmin: Did you hear the girls shouting in the other classroom? They must be fighting over something.

Aysha: Don’t worry about it. I am sure they are only discussing the trip.

Jasmin: Oh well, you know them better.

Aysha: You’re still new here. It’s normal to behave like this here. You should wait until you learn our language; it’ll make it easier for you.


2 thoughts on “Cultural Misunderstanding

  1. The Expression dimension is about how much emotion it is appropriate to show in a given context.
    In a reveal-oriented culture, people tend to be more expressive of their emotions and can easily show them with the use of their body language, hands and facial gesturing.
    On the other hand, countries with conceal oriented cultures are more likely to restrain their expressions, and therefore seem more serious and disciplined.


  2. Expression mean is the person showing his feeling and emotions or not, is he a person with concealing expression style or with a revealing expression style. In some culture its normal to express your feelings and emotions. They look at it as a way of communication. Moreover, they need others feeling and emotions to give them a direction and they may feel lost in a concealing style environment. However, other cultures don’t like to express their feeling. They believe that showing emotions to other is unsuitable.

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