Cultural Misunderstanding

Dialogue – Expression

Jasmin: Did you hear the girls shouting in the other classroom? They must be fighting over something.

Aysha: Don’t worry about it. I am sure they are only discussing the trip.

Jasmin: Oh well, you know them better.

Aysha: You’re still new here. It’s normal to behave like this here. You should wait until you learn our language; it’ll make it easier for you.


Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi – Italy


This gorgeous building is one the most beautiful architects in the city of Assisi in Italy.

It was built in 1228, and it is considered the mother church of the Roman Catholics.

It is also one of the most important places of Christian pilgrimage in Italy.

Although I am not even close to being a designer or an artist, I have a huge interest in old buildings (especially old churches) because they carry a lot of heritages and cultures from old centuries, and it has stories behind each arts and drawings in the walls.

Here are other pictures from inside the St. Francis church:



I took these pictures in our family trip to Italy in 2004.

Churi – Indian Traditional Bangles


This picture shows the “Churi“, the Indian traditional bangles. Indians are one of the most people who are proud to show their tradition and their loyalty to their culture.

Churis are traditionally gold or glass and can be worn in every color. The traditional Indian dress is never complete with out the Churis.


The pictures shown are taken from an Indian shop in Global Village in Dubai. I was excited when I saw how colorful the Churis are, I really loved it!

Cultural Clash MC Advertisement


1- The picture shows the potato fingers, as a hands pray and this mockery of blessings in my opinion not a good advertisement.


2- The second picture shows the cows udders in a 2 piece sign; that mean you can add 2 more flavor for your milkshakes. In my opinion no one would like to know where milk came from.


3- The third picture shows the cool cow and fun, in fact doomed cow slaughter. They Deceive children that cow live in fun and cool life.


Stories – Worldviews

The Gruffalo


Worldview – Fear vs. Power


  • The mouse took advantage of how scary is the gruffalo to scare other animals, but then a gruffalo showed up trying to eat the mouse. However, the mouse told him there’s no chance for him, since he’s the scariest animal in the wood. He tries convincing the gruffalo by taking him to other animals, which ran off after seeing the gruffalo. The gruffalo believed those animals ran because they were scared of the mouse, so he ran too after he was told he’s the mouse’s favorite food.

Robot Racers

Worldview – Fear vs. Power


  • Tank top was stronger than Squeaky. Squeaky is only a cleaner and he is rusty and clanky he didn’t dare to participate in the race.

Guilty vs. Innocent


  • Tank top was cheating all the time starting with the other racers by damaging them and later when he tried to stop Squeaky.
  • There was a rule at the end and Tank top couldn’t skip that as he did all the time, in the photo it was obvious that the wheel was before Tank top so Squeaky wins.
  • The rule at the end (wheel).

Alvie Eats Soups

Worldview – Shame vs. honor


  • Alvie was eating only soup in every meal. His granny is a chef, and was going to meet with the family. His parents tried a lot of ways to make him eat other food aside of soup. His parents felt bit ashamed that he only eat one particular type of food, when his granny sent him a lot of food to eat. So at the meeting with the granny, the parents bought a lot of food so the granny wouldn’t notice alive eating habit. In the end, they discovered that both alvie and his granny only eat beans.

The Republic of Georgia – Group Project


The Republic of Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia . Located at the crossroads  of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

We choose to present about Georgia because most of our classmate have never heard about this beautiful country, and we wanted to bring out new information that we all benefit from.


 TBILISI – The Capital Of Georgia

Here’s Our Presentation: Republic of Georgia

Hope You Enjoyed Our Presentation And Picked Up New Information To Your Knowledge !